My Take Week 3 – Home Opener vs. Miss. St.

Hello Tiger fans! I was out of town this weekend and was only able to watch bits and pieces of the game. I was very excited about the outcome of the game. No other team thus far has dominated Miss St. the way that LSU did on Saturday night. Because of my weekend travels, this week’s “My Take” article has been written by Gino Joubert. Gino is one of the biggest LSU fans I know, and he has a lot of knowledge about LSU Athletics. I want to thank Gino for filling in this week and my hope is that he will visit us again at Saturday Night Slant. Check his article out below.



My Take by: Gino Joubert, “Turnovers and Special teams play make the difference.”


Once Miss. St. won the toss and decided to defer until the second half, it was only a matter of time before L.S.U. would seal a victory with exceptional defensive and special team’s performance. The opening kick-off saw L.S.U. receive the ball at the 3 yard line, only to be advanced to L.S.U.’s 42 yard line. Patrick Peterson is third in the conference in kick-off returns with a 31.67 yard return average. Pat Pete has been a valuable cog in the wheel for L.S.U. as well as a fan favorite to many. His special team’s performance accentuates a solid showing from his corner position. Perhaps although Patrick Peterson ranks #2 in the conference in interceptions tied with 7 others, but is not even in the top 30 in the conference for passes defended. This statistic shows the opposition seldom tries to throw in his direction, which exemplifies his interception total after 3 games. Patrick Peterson is also contributing 134.33 yards of total offense per contest ranking him 7th in the conference for total yards.


L.S.U. was not without fault in the contest against Miss. State. The first four drives for L.S.U saw a team that could drive down the field only to accept three points as Josh Jasper was perfect on the night hitting 5-5 field goals. With the lack of touchdowns coming in the first half, Miss. St. was able to remain confident and stay close to L.S.U. as both teams entered the locker room at halftime with L.S.U. holding a 12-0 lead.


With Miss. St. opening the second half with a 14 play drive totaling 6:43 in time of possession; it appeared Miss. St. was right back in the ball game. However; L.S.U. was able to put together the most balanced drive all season. With 3 completed passes in the drive from Jordan Jefferson, Miss. St. seemed to be off balance as L.S.U. averaged 13 yards a completion throughout the drive. The drive ended in a 16 yard scamper by Jordan Jefferson to the end-zone increasing L.S.U. lead to 19-7. At this point the game was won, and L.S.U. began to exert dominance on the defensive side of the ball with costly turnovers.


It was noticed that L.S.U. won this game by the field position battle being in gross favor of the fighting tigers. L.S.U. started most every drive on Miss. St. side of the field. Coupled with 5 interceptions, L.S.U. is showing a more menacing defense as the team is becoming more acclimated to Chavis’ philosophy.


After a 25 yard completion from Tyler Russell to Arceto Clark to bring Miss. St to their own 42 yard line. Miss. St. ran the ball two times for a total of 4 yards, than the game was

put away for good as Tyler Russell was pushed by Tyrann,”Tyrannisaurus Rex”  Mathieu and Drake Nevis hauled in a one-handed interception being brought down at  the M.S.U. 28 yard line. A three play drive ended in another touchdown as Ridley carried the ball into the end-zone increasing the L.S.U. lead to 26-7.


Tyrann Mathieu registered the only L.S.U sack in the game.  


The Good:


*5 Interceptions, Patrick Peterson 2, Morris Claiborne 2, Drake Nevis 1

*5 Field Goals made by Josh Jasper longest 51 yards.

*6 Tackles for loss in 3 consecutive games

*2.2 Average per rush from opponent in 3 games

*2 Forced fumbles by Tyrann Mathieu in 3 games


The Bad:

*152 yards rushing given up by the defense

*55 Plays by the offense

*1 Fumble by Alfred Blue in 4th quarter


The Ugly:

*0 touchdowns in first half considering L.S.U‘s avg. starting position was 44 yd. line

*Two wide receivers in same vicinity in the end zone when R. Shepard dropped a TD pass. The design of the play is the problem.

* -2:58 in time of Possession against Miss. St.


Player Game Balls:

Patrick Peterson, Morris Claiborne, Josh Jasper, Tyrann Mathieu


Coaching Game Balls:

Joe Robinson, Ron Cooper




L.S.U. still has room for much improvement on offense. However: If the coaches realize how effective L.S.U. can be by opening the vertical passing game, other teams would have a harder time trying to defend a talented offensive unit. Russell Shepard has to catch the ball better to reach his otherworldly talent level.


L.S.U. is doing a better job than anticipated against stopping the run. The run defense has silenced critics as most fans admitted this was probably going to be the second weakest point of the team.


As I stated in some earlier articles, L.S.U. could be scary good by the end of the year as each player matures with a cohesive swagger from excellent performance. With a young defense producing at such a high level early on, I see a potential for a very special group by season’s end. The key for the next match-up against West Virginia will be the ability for the line backers to close the gap in a hurry against Noel Devine. They must also protect against the wheel route from their fullback, and pressure the QB for four quarters.


L.S.U. Top Ten Performers in SEC play


All Purpose running

Rank         Player        Pos  Gm  net Rec  Kor  yards  yds/gm plays  natl. r

#7      Patrick Peterson Cb   3       0   0     190   403   134.33   15     45


Field Goals

                                             FGA   Fgm   Avg.  Fg Pgm   Natl rank

#1       Josh Jasper       K      3      8         7        .875     2.33       6



                                            Int    yds   Tds  Int.Pgm   Natl rank

#2     Patrick Peterson  Cb    3     2      46     0      .67             12

#2     Morris Claiborne  Cb  3     2      57      0      .67            12


Kick Off Returns

                                                 Kick/ret     yds   tds     avg    ret/gm    natl rank

#3     Patrick Peterson   Cb    3         6               190    0       31.67  2.00     15


Punt Returns

                                                         Punt ret   yds   tds   avg.    ret/gm    natl rank 

#1     Patrick Peterson  Cb    3          7             167   1     23.86    2.33     5


                                                         Carries     yds     tds    avg.  yds/gm    natl rank   

#3    Stevan Ridley     Rb      3         55            318     2      5.78    106         22



#1    Josh Jasper                    10.00 points game



                                             Solo   assist  per/gm   natl rank

#3  Kelvin Sheppard               9        18       9           43


Tackles For Loss


                                             Solo     assist     per/gm   natl rank

#5 Drake Nevis                      4            2          1.67         28



                                      Solo     assist     yards   per/gm    natl rank

#2 Drake Nevis                3           1            26     1.17         16

#7 Sam Montgomery       2           0            23      .67          56

#7 Tyrann Mathieu          2           0            25      .67          56