Optimum Scouting NFL Draft Guide – Free

With the NFL Draft right around the corner, it’s time you get your mind right.   I already teamed up with The Saints Nation and put together a NFL Draft preview that talks all things LSU and Saints.  But for overall NFL Draft knowledge, it doesn’t get much better than my Bloguin counterpart over at Optimum Scouting.  Erick Galko is one of the best in the biz, and he and his team do a phenomenal job keeping their readers on top of the NFL Draft.  They don’t just blog about the draft.  They do a ton of research and travel to nearly all of the pre-draft all star games.  Pretty good gig, if you can get it.   All of that hard work comes together in the Optimum Scouting NFL Draft Guide, and they’re offering their draft guide completely free this year.  

I just got mine this evening, and with the exception of having Courtney Upshaw on the cover, it’s fantastic.  217 pages of NFL Draft goodness.  

So I wanted to pass along their offer for a free NFL Draft Guide and let you know about all of the good things they’re doing over there.

Here is a blurb lifted from their site.  I recommend you take advantage:

The 2nd annual Optimum Scouting NFL Draft Guide is put together using extensive scouting knowledge, being at nearly every major All-Star event, researching each prospects background, and evaluating every part of a prospects skills as a football player.

Each report is designed to provide a combination of quick read-ability, brief scouting view, and in-depth in every facet of a prospects evaluation, whatever suits what you’d like. While I strongly encourage reading as much of the report as possible (to give our evaluators some worth for their work), the report is designed in such a way to allow the yourself to use it in whatever way you’d like to when researching these prospects.

The Best Part is, the NFL Draft Guide is FREE this year!

Simply Email me (EricG@OptimumScouting.com) and wait for your copy via email. Thank you again, and I promise you won’t be disappointed.