SEC Bowl Predictions


And all that's left is SEC Championship Game between Alabama and Georgia… Despite whatever the outcome of that game, a few things are certain – the SEC will finish with 6 10 win teams, 9 out of 14 teams being bowl eligible, and that there will be an SEC representative in the BCS national championship for the seventh year in a row.

This season has seen Ole Miss return to being a competent program, Arkansas not being able to do anything on the field with a nincompoop head coach in John L. (Jonnelle) Smith, Mississippi State still not being able to beat the upper echelon SEC teams, and an SEC newcomer come in and wow damn near everybody they've faced – I'm looking at you, Texas A&M.

Now that the season is over, however, it's time to take a look and see where the bowl eligible SEC teams will be going. Sorry, Kentucky, Tennessee, Missouri, Arkansas, and Auburn, but you get to watch the rest of them while your at home looking for new coaches. Well, except you, Missouri, you just get to sit at home and get drunk on egg nog.

BCS Championship:

Notre Dame Fighting Irish (#1) vs. Alabama Crimson Tide (#2)

In a match-up our grandfathers would be excited to watch, the Fighting Irish take on the SEC champion to determine which one has the better defense.

Sugar Bowl:

Florida Gators (SEC) vs. Oklahoma (at-large)

Since the SEC representative is playing the national championship, the Sugar Bowl has to choose Florida. When their pick comes back around Sugar Bowl representatives are ecstatic that Oklahoma is still available. It's either that or Boise State, Northern Illinois, or Kent State.

Capitol One Bowl (SEC #2 vs Big Ten #2)

Georgia Bulldogs vs. Northwestern Wildcats

The CapOne must select the team with the best overall record among non-BCS playing SEC teams, or a team within one game of the best record. The bowl has already stated that they will pick Northwestern, so then all that's left is to pick the SEC representative. An 11-2 Georgia team would be too tempting to pass up but that's depending on what the final score is in the SEC Championship Game. LSU could very well be in the mix here if the Bulldogs get washed away by the Crimson Tide.

Outback Bowl (SEC vs. Big Ten #3)

South Carolina Gamecocks vs. Michigan Wolverines

The Outback almost always picks and SEC East team and bowl officials would be doing cartwheels if any of the 2 loss SEC East teams are available – whether it's SCAR or UGA.

Cotton Bowl (SEC vs. Big12 #2)

Texas A&M Aggies vs. Texas Longhorns

If this scenario plays out, you would be able to hear the “YEE-HAW's” from Cotton Bowl reps all the way to Houston.

Chic-Fil-A Bowl (SEC #5 vs ACC #2)

LSU Tigers vs. Clemson Tigers

The Chic-Fil-A will choose between LSU (10-2), Vanderbilt (8-4), or Mississippi State (8-4). Pretty much a no-brainer.

Gator Bowl (SEC #6 vs Big Ten #4/#5)

Vanderbilt Commodores vs. Wisconsin Badgers

The Gator Bowl gets to choose between Vanderbilt (who crushed their last opponent – Wake Forest), Mississippi State (who got egged in the Egg Bowl), or a 6-6 Ole Miss team.

Liberty Bowl (SEC #8/#9 vs C-USA #1)

Mississippi State Bulldogs vs. Tulsa Hurricanes

The Bulldogs went to Nashville last year so this year they go to Memphis. C-USA #1 could change depending on what happens in the C-USA Conference Championship between Tulsa and UCF.

Music City Bowl (SEC #8/#9 vs ACC #6 or at-large)

Ole Miss Rebels vs. ULM Warhawks

ACC is not able to field enough teams to fill its bowl quota so Music City representatives get to choose between Iowa State, ULM, Western Kentucky, and perhaps Middle Tennessee State.  They opt for the team that beat an SEC team (Arkansas), pushed one to the brink (Auburn), and hung around with a potent Big12 team (Baylor). Middle Tennessee State did beat Georgia Tech convincingly but they also lost to a FCS school (Nicholls St).