SNS Top 25 – Week 6

If you are a red-blooded American man (or woman), yesterday was a great day for college football (unless you're a fan of LSU, Florida State, or Georgia). Saturday's in the fall remains unpredictably insane as it didn't take long for history to repeat itself as three of the Top 5 teams in the country lost yesterday. That same feat happened last year on November 18th and 19th. Because of that, there is considerable movement at the top of the SNS Top 25 this week.

Alabama is still ranked #1 but it was extremely difficult to not put South Carolina in the top spot. The Ol' Ball Coach is back, which is great for college football. LSU stumbles out of the top 25 following an offensively anemic performance against Florida and, as usual, Ohio State isn't ranked because they're banned from postseason play.

Five teams fell out of the Top 25 after losing Saturday – TCU, Nebraska, Washington, Northwestern, and UCLA. That being said, five new teams enter the rankings – an undefeated from the MAC, another undefeated from the WAC, and an academic elite that usually saves its best performances for the basketball court.

1 – Alabama

2 – Oregon

3 – South Carolina

4 – West Virginia

5 – Kansas State

6 – Notre Dame

7 – Florida

8 – USC

9 – Oklahoma

10 – Louisville

11 – Florida State

12 – Oregon State

13 – Texas

14 – LSU

15 – Clemson

16 – Georgia

17 – Stanford

18 – Mississippi State

19 – Rutgers

20 – Ohio

21 – Louisiana Tech

22 – Texas A&M

23 – Cincinnati

24 – Duke

25 – Iowa State

Saturday sneak-peak: One of the most intriguing yet underrated games going into next Saturday is the Louisiana Tech vs. Texas A&M game. Both teams possess high flying offenses that are capable of putting up Madden-esque numbers. The Bulldogs have been averaging 52 point per game while the Aggies are close to that number with 45 point per game. The game originally was to have been played on August 30th but was postponed because of Hurricane Isaac. The level of intrigue has only risen as both teams have gelled as the season has progressed and should present a great match-up.