Some Housekeeping

This post doesn’t contain much LSU info but is designed to let you know about some of the features of the site that you may not be aware of.  Many visitors to the site don’t realize that some of these features exist, so hopefully this helps shed some light on things for a few people.  

To start, the site has a Newsletter feature that allows you to be notified via e-mail anytime a new post is made.  This is an easy way to keep up with SNS.   All you have to do is enter your name and E-mail address in the fields under “SNS Newsletter” at the top left of the home page.

In addition to that, the Recruiting Pages menu, which can be accessed at the header on every page, is updated frequently.   One page I keep up is “The Big Board” which keeps tabs on all of the prospects that LSU is recruiting at each position.  It also lets you know which prospects have been offered.

I also maintain the “Commitments” page which not only lists each of LSU’s verbal commitments, but lets you know where each is ranked by each of the four major recruiting services.    

Under Recruiting Pages, I’ll also have the “SNS Top 21” which is my in-state recruiting rankings once they are posted.  I hope to post the initial SNS Top 21 very soon.   

You can also check our the Roster Breakdown menu, which breaks down the roster for Football, Basketball, and Baseball.  Each roster is broken down by class and total number.  This gives you a quick glance view of the makeup of each team and gives you an idea of what future teams may look like. 

For all of the other features the site offers, check out About The Site.