A New Tiger for LSU

2013 marks the return of everyone's favorite LSU Tiger, but in a cleaner, more modern form. The new Tiger was first seen in shots of the redesigned basketball court & has been rolled out to the men's basketball uniforms. So far, no word on it moving to other sports. Tiger Stadium still has the 1972 edition of the Tiger on top of the scoreboard, it would make sense to see this as another application for it in the future. Time will tell if it makes it way to the rest of the athletic department. More views of the Tiger head via it's creator just past the jump.

Say what you will about LSU's current Tiger head mascot (known as "Toonces" to those who would prefer to see scraped from the records), it ushered in a new graphical standard for LSU athletics. LSU's big push to rebrand at the beginning of the millenium featured in the new tiger plus the "Geaux" font, which is now ubiquitous with LSU athletics.

These images come from it's creator, Jason Feirman, via his Dribbble account. The new mark is a vast improvement over the '72 edition, with cleaner vectors & a symmetrical design (something I always hated about the 1972 edition, makes it look like something is wrong with him). Cleaning up the artwork also made it easier to produce a single-color edition of the Tiger head, which I'm sure wasn't fun with the 1972 version.

Don't expect to see this Tiger become ubiquitous yet, though. LSU has a variety of brand marks & right now this one is just an alternate in addition to the others the athletic department already employs (It's worth noting that "Toonces" is not the official logo of LSU athletics, just the letters "LSU" in the Geaux font are.) . It's not known if this will just be for basketball or if they will decide to roll it out to the other sports. My thoughts are people will see the history tied to this edition & it will eventually find itself in other branding for the other sports. It makes a great companion mark to the Eye of the Tiger, which has been drawn similarly.

Just for fun, I put this new Tiger on the football helments, which also sport the 1972 Tiger.


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