Beginnings of renewed Texas A&M-LSU rivalry all Tigers


Johnny Manziel has won a Heisman trophy. If you had only seen Manziel play against LSU these two years, you'd wonder how many people he paid off for the honor. In a domination similar to last year, the Tigers reduced Manziel to mortal cinders. The LSU defense deserves every game ball. They held the Aggies to under 300 yards since before the Sumlin era (way back in 2009). LSU got back to LSU football in a 34-10 dismantling of the best offensive team in the conference. This feels good. We're right again.

Last year, John Chavis adjusted at halftime to a stay at home, rush 3, blitz on 3rd down, disciplined defense last year that shut the Aggies down. This year, the LSU defense stayed in a four down linemen, two linebacker look nearly the entire night but kept the same blitz on 3rd, stay home & disciplined style that worked so well. It worked again and it's clear now that John Chavis has Johnny's number.

You'd never have known the Aggies have the other best wide receiver in the conference in Mike Evans. Freshman corner Rashard Robinson played lights out and shut Evans down. Evans was physical & Robinson fought right back. It became obvious late in the game the Aggies abandoned Evans, resorting to shorter underneath passes & trying to work the middle of the field.

This was a return to LSU football. It's been fun watching the offense carry this team at times, but when they've faltered it's left an odd empty feeling. LSU fans are not used to living and dying by a quarterback's right (or left) arm. The offense did what it was supposed to this game & that was to take what a weak defense gives you. LSU rumbled to over 300 yards and Zach Mettenberger hit clutch third down throws to keep the chains a-moving. LSU let their defense do the talking in this one, never letting Manziel get going and further his second Heisman campaign (which is essentially dead now, after going 16-41 passing).

LSU now sits at 8-3 and 4-3 in the SEC, the same as Texas A&M. LSU will most likely sleep to a close win against Arkansas in that awful day after Thanksgiving slot (imagine what this A&M game will be like when it moves there) and find themselves 9-3, 5-3 on the year.

This defensive performance does great things for the confidence in this unit going into next year. With their top two outside corners & a safety being a freshman getting work & being successful only bodes well for the strength of this defense next year. It's so refreshing to see LSU turn in an LSU-like performance.

This one felt good.

Cameron Roberson

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