Ode to Odell Beckham Jr. & Jarvis Landry


That's how many total yards the best receiving duo LSU has ever seen has amassed this season. The 2,175 all-purpose yards by Odell Beckham Jr. is already a school record, breaking the record held by Domanick Davis set earlier this century.

Only two other times in SEC history has one team had two 1,000 yard receivers in a single season — both of those instances were by Florida during Spurrer's Fun-N-Gun 90's run.

Both LSU receivers are juniors this season and in all likelihood will ply their trade in the NFL next year. With only one game left in the regular season, it's not too early to show appreciation for what these two have done for the LSU offense this year.

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Both Landry & Beckham Jr. came to LSU has consensus 4-star recruits. OBJ known for his speed while Landry known for fantastic hands & route running. Both guys were as advertised, plus some.

Over his three-year career, OBJ has thus far totalled 3,987 yards, a phenomenal number for a wide receiver. After posting nearly 700 yards his freshman year and following it up with 1,112 in his sophomore stanza, OBJ has only thrived further in Cam Cameron's offense with Zach Mettenberger at the helm.

Landry doesn't have the outrageous yardage totals that you'll find behind OBJ's name, but some project him as possibly a better NFL prospect. I think both of these guys can excel, but you can see slot receiver easily when you look at Landry. His hands & route running make him an excellent choice as a safety blanket for a receiver. Someone you know that will be there and will pull the ball in. Given LSU's passing woes in the years leading up to the current, it's not surprise Landry was essentially hidden his freshman season (not to mention in 2011 LSU was led by Reuben Randle, not exactly a nobody; find him on the Giants roster today) before rounding into form and forming the OBJ-Landry tandem last season, tallyin 573 yards.

Zach Mettenberger's fantastic leap forward this year could not have happened without having these two on the outside to throw to. Their ability to separate & make the catch have undoubtedly made Mett's job easier. Indeed at times his confidence in Beckham Jr. down the field caused him to throw some ill-advised INTs (see Ole Miss, 2013), but that confidence didn't come from nowhere.

Time and again these two have shown the ability to take down contested balls and make corners look…like college cornerbacks.

With two games left to play with, all Odell Beckham Jr. needs is 221 yards to break Randall Cobb's all-purpose yardage record. With an averae of 196 yards per game, he's well on his way to shattering that record. He's less than 200 yards away from amassin 1,000 kick return yards, giving him more than 1,000 in both receiving and returning.

It may be another 15 years before the conference, much less LSU, sees another tandem of receivers like this. It's all the more striking considering LSU's passing woes in the past 5 years. Together with the emergence of Zach Mettenberger under Cam Cameron's leadership, Landry & Beckham have formed the backbone of one of the best passing offenses LSU has ever seen.

Enjoy it over these next two games (Arkansas & bowl), because you won't see it again for a while.

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