Quick Slant: Les Miles did not let the team vote Hill back

Yes, the players voted and voted to allow him back on the team. I've seen national outlets now bury Miles for hiding behind his team, for letting players make his decisions, etc. Do these people think Les Miles would have let the team vote to allow Hill back on if he hadn't already come to a decision on the issue beforehand?

Of course he knew the team would allow him back. To get to that point, though, Miles had to decide himself that Hill should be allowed back on the team. We still don't know if Hill will be suspended for no games, one game, or multiple games. It's not as if Miles decided, "Hey. I don't feel like putting the guys out and disciplining a player myself. I'll just let a group of 18-21 year old kids who only want to win make my decisions."

Miles is a players coach first, this is not news to anyone who follows LSU. That does not mean he lets players run rampant in his program. He believes in giving guys multiple chances to right past wrongs, but is not above dismissing star players if they need to be. These programs are so heavily guarded it's hard to know the specifics of any given situation, so we've no idea the discussions Hill has had with Miles, or other circumstances surrounding Hill's ongoing issues.

What we do know is that Miles is not simply allowing the players run the locker room. There is no way LSU would have made it this far, won this many games, and not been in trouble with the NCAA if that was the case.

Once real games begin to be played, this offseason chicanery will end. Game day can't arrive soon enough.

Cameron Roberson

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