SEC Baseball RPI Update March 8

LSU finds themselves in the generally unfamiliar territory of being #1 in the RPI early in the season. Mainieri's style is to schedule easy early home games for the team to prepare for the SEC slate, but this year's schedule has proven harder, RPI wise, than what we expected.

Other familiar SEC faces are in the top 10, but Arkansas and Florida find themselves in uncharted territory this early on.


Boyd's World:

1. LSU (12-1)

2. South Carolina (10-2)

5. Vanderbilt (13-1)

9. Ole Miss (13-1)

37. Alabama (8-4)

41. Mississippi State (16-0)

42. Tennessee (4-7)

58. Florida (7-7)

60. Auburn (9-3)

63. Texas A&M (9-5)

64. Kentucky (11-1)

128. Georgia (5-7)

177. Arkansas (8-5)

266. Missouri (2-6)


Warren Nolan:

1. LSU

4. South Carolina

7. Vanderbilt

13. Ole Miss

35. Mississippi State

43. Tennessee

50. Alabama

72. Kentucky

90. Florida

97. Auburn

99. Texas A&M

151. Georgia

221. Arkansas

266. Missouri


You can't really read too much into early season RPI numbers, as they generally don't show much, but it is interesting that LSU is #1. There's a lot of baseball left, but if that little schedule boost stays and those early opponents keep winning, that could give LSU tournament seeding help at the end of the season.

Couple of other interesting observations: Not the start Arkansas wanted. Top 5 team coming into the season has really hit a rough stretch getting going. Warren Nolan was particular hard on the Hogs, ranking them just 45 spots higher than Missouri…which has only two wins coming against Eastern Michigan this year. Hogs will be looking to get back on track quickly with conference play in just a week.

Georgia having a rough start to another season. You have to wonder if this might be coach Dave Perno's last go-round. He's been on an up-down swing the past few years and UGA fans will be looking for that to end. This year start isn't exactly confidence inspiring.

…why is Missouri in the SEC, again?

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