Aligning the Stars – Wisconsin Edition

As a new weekly feature, we’re going to compare recruiting talent ratings between LSU and their opponent for all major FBS games. While the recruiting rankings diminish in meaning as a player progresses into his college career because of coaching, injuries, work ethic, & myriad other reasons, it can serve a nice baseline to judge raw team talent.

In many cases, a team will use their backup player nearly as much as the starter, so this is a mix of a team’s two-deep as well as just the starters in places where the backup might not see action (mainly along the offensive line, at quarterback, and other positions like fullback).

The ratings used come from 247 Sport‘s Composite Rating, which takes an aggregate score of all the major services. I feel it’s the most accurate star rating system to use given it’s wide net.

I’ll adjust on a week to week basis depending on how a team may use their players as the season progresses & to take into account different schemes. Meaning, if a team plays a 3-4 those lineup differences would be taken into account, as they are this week since Wisconsin plays a 3-4. Also, if a team is pass heavy and uses a number of receivers beyond their top 4, I’ll adjust the numbers accordingly and so on.

Since this is the first week of the year, it’s pretty straightforward. I’ve taken essentially the two deep in most places & just the starters in others where the backups likely won’t figure into the game & used standard expected depth elsewhere.  Generally speaking, the first two guys are the starters in places where you see four listed and the first guy is the starter in places where two are listed and so forth. Be sure to click the graphic to see it in it’s full glory.


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