Who Should Be #2 With The Chance To Play LSU

“Who does #2 work for?!” – Austin Powers The precedence was set in 2006 when #1 Ohio State hosted #2 Michigan. Ted Ginn Jr recovered a Michigan on-side kick to preserve the Buckeye’s win. Michigan fell in the standings then and voters chose a 1 loss Florida team who lost to Auburn and barely squeaked by […]

Kevin Sumlin To Texas A&M Looking More Likely

It’s looking more and more likely that Texas A&M will be starting their inaugural SEC season with one of the hottest coaches in college football. There were rumors swirling about the job security of former Aggie head coach Mike Sherman before his abrupt firing yesterday. The university had given Sherman the dreaded double vote of […]

Podcast: SECCG Talk with Leather Helmet Blog

I had the opportunity to talk with EC Dawg and Socrates from the Leather Helmet Blog, a Georgia site that is part of the Bloguin network.  I can tell you…these are some of the good guys in the sports blogger community.  They run a fantastic site that is always full of current content.  I recommend […]

SEC Championship Game Q&A with College Football Zealots

 I had the opportunity to do a little Q&A with College Football Zealots, one of Bloguin’s college football blogs.  We talk about the keys to the game and possible advantages for both teams.  Please check it out.  I think you’ll enjoy the read.   Here is the direct link  to the article. 

Bloguin Heisman Poll – Week 13 Ballot

This looks like it’s going to be one of the closes Heisman votes in recent memory.  A ton of different players are nabbing votes in the latest Bloguin Heisman Poll, and this thing will come down to the final weekend.   Here is my ballot: 1.  Robert Griffin III QB Baylor – Griffin did not […]

Predicting The Coaching Carousel Stops

Around and round it goes, where it stops nobody knows. That’s right, the college football coaching carousel is in full motion following the last regular season game for most teams. Already there have been 17 dismissals, at least one in every single conference. Every type of position is available ranging from high profile (Penn State, […]

Coaching Changes Galore

With the last week of the regular season complete, a ton of head coaching jobs have come open in college football.   Keeping track of coaching change rumors is about as productive as keeping up with recruiting rumors.  In other words, you’ll hear everything and won’t know exactly what to believe.  But in certain cases, […]

Slant Routes – Tigers are 12-0

While I’m a day late with my Slant Routes from the Arkansas game, I thought this would be a good opportunity to reflect on the entire regular season — the greatest regular season in LSU Football history.   Les Miles and LSU have proven themselves…to LSU fans and to the nation.  All that’s left is […]

Monday Slant Routes

I typically do some thoughts and notes each Sunday about the game that weekend.  But honestly, there was not a whole lot to say about the Ole Miss game.   LSU is a very, very good team and Ole Miss is really bad.  LSU dominated them exactly the way they should.  The game was over […]

BCS and SEC Bowl Projections

With only one regular season game left, the bowl picture is starting to take shape, both nationally and in the SEC.   But if last weekend was any indication, projecting bowl games at this point could be a pretty foolish exercise.   Regardless, this is a blog and that’s what we do.  We just can’t […]

Explaining SEC Tiebreaker Scenarios

  After a topsy-turvy weekend of college football, what seemed like the unlikeliest of scenarios will likely play out with the SEC West holding the top three spots in the latest unveiling of the BCS rankings. Already LSU, Alabama, and Arkansas are 1-2-3 in the most recent AP and USA Today Coaches’ Poll. The chaos […]

SEC Reigns Over BCS Chaos

“The only thing we had in common was that she was from Iowa, and I had once heard of Iowa.” This was supposed to be a ho-hum weekend in college football but then Lee Corso set the tone for Saturday when he said “ah, eff it” live on College Game Day. Little did we, as […]

Bloguin Heisman Poll Heating Up – My Ballot

The last few weeks have seen some of the top Heisman candidates contained by opponents in key games.   In nearly every opportunity to shine on the biggest stage, candidates have instead shyed away from the spotlight.  That leaves us in a bit of a quandry as it relates to voting for the Bloguin Heisman […]

Confernce Realignment – A Visual

Conference realignment has been a hot topic in college football since the summer.  A number of schools have switched conferences, and it has been tough to keep up with all of the changes.  A picture, or in this case an animation, is worth a thousand words and should help tell the entire realignment story in […]

BCS Bowl Projections – Week 11

We will once again go through the motions of making the selections as if the season ended today, using the BCS Rankings as a tiebreaker to determine conference champions. Up to this point, we have simply been going with the top ranked team in each conference as the champion.  But we’re now far enough along in […]