SEC Baseball RPI Update March 28

Conference play is in full swing and LSU continues to be the hot team. The Tigers are now 2nd in both major RPI calculators trailing only North Carolina. UNC's southern counterpart South Carolina saw themselves fall out of the top 10 after getting swept by suddently hot Arkansas. Missouri continues to be Missouri and make us wonder why they were added to the SEC, while Texas A&M shoots up the polls with another strong weekend. Head past the jump for full ratings.



Boyd's World

2. LSU (23-2), LW: 4

3. Vanderbilt (20-4), LW: 1

8. Ole Miss (22-4), LW: 7

16. Mississippi State (22-6), LW: 20

19. Texas A&M (18-8), LW: 40

21. South Carolina (19-6), LW: 6

27. Florida (11-15), LW: 43

33. Kentucky (19-5), LW: 59

43. Alabama (16-10), LW: 42

62. Arkansas (19-7), LW: 114

66. Auburn (15-10), LW: 80

96. Tennessee (13-10), LW: 63

113. Georgia (9-17), LW: 94

194. Missouri (9-12), LW: 160


Warren Nolan

2. LSU, LW: 4

3. Vanderbilt, LW: 1

9. Ole Miss, LW: 7

15. Mississippi State, LW: 20

19. Texas A&M, LW: 41

20. South Carolina, LW: 6

26. Florida, LW: 44

33. Kentucky, LW: 58

44. Alabama, LW: 43

65. Auburn, LW: 80

69. Arkansas, LW: 115

97. Tennessee, LW: 63

113. Georgia, LW: 94

195. Missouri, LW: 160

LSU continues to be the cream of the conference at the top with Ole Miss and Vanderbilt. After getting swept by Arkansas, South Carolina took a bit of a fall and now finds themselves 2-4 in conference. Remember last year they had to dig themselves out of an 0-6 conference hole before putting themselves in a position to win the conference in the last weekend against LSU. Florida benefitted from playing tough competition and losing, still moving into the top 30 in the ratings.
Most of the rest of the conference against saw modest gains as the SEC schedule begins to influence the numbers. Missouri, after coming up out of the 200's is now back down near it after dropping 2 of 3 this past weekend. Missour is notable worse than the rest of the conference in the ratings and it will be interesting to see if they're competitive at all in the conference. As of right now, they're woefully outmanned.
UGA continues to slide, now with an atrocious 100+ rating. You have to believe that no matter what happens the rest of the way, Perno is going to get the axe. They've been up and down since he got there, but the past couple years have just been plain bad. Georgia can do better.
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