SNS Top 21 – LA State Rankings – 2013


1.  Tredavious White ATH Glen Oaks Shreveport – White stood out at every camp and 7-on-7 event this summer.  Everyone who observed said that White was the best player on the field, regardless of the event, and the buzz he created at 7-on-7 tournaments has only been rivaled by Odell Beckham Jr. two years ago.  He concluded his summer by standing out at the talent rich LSU camp in July.   His performances in the offseason vaulted White to the top of my rankings.  It's not out of the question that LSU tries White on offense, but since the staff had him at cornerback for the entirety of their July camp, it's safe to say he'll play in the secondary in college.  If he lacks anything, it's size.   But he's listed at either 5'10" or 5'11" and plays very physical despite only being in the 170 pound range.  He reminds me a bit of Ron Brooks but looks to have even better explosion and change of direction skills.  He'll have the opportunity to contribute immediately at LSU.
College:  LSU

2.  Tim Williams DE  University – Williams fits the bill as an explosive pass rusher, and it's really tough to over value guys that can get to the quarterback.  Of all the top players in the state, Williams may have the fewest question marks.   With a good frame at 6'3" 230 pounds, Williams looks like a perfect fit in LSU's defense with a similar size and speed combination as guys like Sam Montgomery and Barkevious Mingo.  He should easily be able to add good weight to his frame during his college career.  He plays in a low classification of high school ball which is a concern, but his talent really stands out on his highlights. Williams is a legitimate national Top 100 prospect and holds offers from LSU, Florida State, Alabama, Miami and a host of others which validate the high ranking.
College:  Undecided

3.  John Diarse WR  Neville   Diarse defines the world "athlete" and could project as a big time prospect at either wide receiver or safety.  He plays quarterback in high school, and his play making ability is obvious after watching just a few seconds of his film.  Diarse is 6'0 205 pounds.  He does not have great speed (in the 4.6 range), but he acclerates and makes people miss.  Will his lack of top end speed hinder him at the next level, where everyone is fast?   I have some very slight concerns that it could be a factor.  However, then I just watch his film again and I forget all about a 40 time.  More than anything, Diarse has great intangibles and has the "it" factor, always making big plays at the right time for his team.  He has played a big role in Neville winning two state championships in the last three years.  LSU likes Diarse at receiver, but it's a luxury to know he can play safety if things don't work out.
College:  LSU

4.  Ricky Jefferson ATH  Destrehan – Jefferson checks in at about 6'0" 180 pounds and shows off an incredble burst and change of direction ability.  He shows the ability to hit a hole and explode into the secondary.   He does a nice job of turning quick passes into long gains.  But he also displays some nice hands on some deep balls down the field.  His skill set should make him a natural route runner.   But with good size and long arms, it could also make him an elite corner at the college level.  He reminds me of Odell Beckham Jr. as a prospect.  Jefferson suffered a season ending knee injury early in his junior season, so there are some question marks regarding his recovery.  I suspect he'll answer those with a tremendous senior season.  I've got Jefferson a tad higher than most, but I see him as a SEC level prospect at two different positions…and that kind of athleticism is rare.
College:  LSU

5.  Josh Boutte OL  WestgateAt 6'4" 305 pounds, Boutte is a beast on the interior of the offensive line. He's awfully quick and does a good job of pulling and getting to the second level.  He shows off a pretty good punch at the point of attack too.  He also displays that mean streak and aggressiveness that I like to see from offensive line prospects.  Boutte carries his 305 pounds very well and looks like he can carry more weight pretty comfortably.  Boutte surprised many by dominating some other big-time prospects at the Rivals 5-star challenge in June.  He looks like the clear option as the state's top offensive line prospect and is probably the state's best since La'El Collins in the Class of 2011.  He looks like the kind of guy that will be a multi-year starter for LSU in his career.
College:  LSU

6.  Desean Smith TE  BarbeSmith is the best tight-end prospect to come out of Louisiana in a very, very long time.  At 6'5" 225 pounds, Smith has a lean frame and can play like a bigger receiver in the passing game.  His value comes from flexing out and taking advantage of mismatches against linebackers or safeties.  Smith also shows off the speed to get down the field and be a true weapon in the intermediate and even the deep passing game.  His skills make him absolutely deadly in the red zone.  He also displays some nice toughness.  He usually elects to initiate contact rather than step out of bounds. Smith will need to do some work to be a more complete tight-end.  He holds his own as a blocker when asked to do so but can certainly improve his skills on the line.  He will likely continue to fill out his frame and as he does so, he'll improve that aspect of his game with some added weight.  Smith is not the kind of tight-end that simply fits into a team's offense.  He is a true weapon that can be an X-factor and he'll force opponents to game plan specifically against him.  He chose LSU over offers from several big time schools including Alabama, Florida State, Florida, and others. 
College:  LSU

7.  Kendell Beckwith LB/DE  East FelcianaBeckwith is a tremendous overall athlete that will start his college career at linebacker even though some think he's better suited as a pass rushing defensive end.  I was once convinced that Beckwith needed to play on the line at the next level, but recent camp performances have changed my mind.  He has worked hard on improving his coverage and playing in space.  He convinced several observers at LSU's July camp that he can be a very good linebacker in the SEC.   So my original opinion of Beckwith was that he was a bit of a tweener.  But now I consider him a legit linebacker, with the versatility to drop down and play defensive end if things don't work out.  That's a luxury and only increases his value.  Beckwith plays quarterback in high school and often shows off his athleticism by keeping plays alive or running with the football.  At the end of the day, Beckwith is too good of an athlete for someone his size to not find success somewhere on the football field.
College:  Undecided

8.  Jeremy Cutrer  S  Jewel Sumner – Cutrer has a great frame at 6'3" 175 pounds.  He shows tremendous range and big-time hitting ability.  He is sure to fill out that frame a bit more and probably play at closer to 200 pounds in college.  Physically, Cutrer has everything you could ask for in a defensive back.  Some of the finer points of the position probably need some polishing such as taking the correct angles and tackling.  But that will come in time.  If for some reason Cutrer can't pack on the pounds, it's not out of the question that he can play cornerback.  He played cornerback as a sophomore in high school and nabbed 12 interceptions.  He could perhaps find a role as a bigger, Tharold Simon type.  Cutrer had a pretty quiet offseason, not participating in too many camps but he did play in a few 7-on-7 tournaments on the Louisiana Bootleggers team which consisted of a number of other LSU commitments.   I see Cutrer as a multi-year contributor for LSU in the future with the potential to become an All-SEC type of performer. 
College:  LSU

9.  Melvin Jones LB/DL Washington Marion – I absolutely love the versatiliy of Jones as a jumbo athlete.  Listed at 6'3" 245, some have said that Jones has grown and was even approaching 270 pounds at one point over the summer.   Jones plays a lot of quarterback for his high school team and also shows off some pretty good "shake" with the ball in his hands.  For someone nearly 250 pounds, he runs extremely well and looks like a legit 4.6 guy.   While on defense, he attacks downhill very well but could improve on moving laterally, though he's not bad there either.   For now, Jones projects as a middle linebacker.  But looking at the guy, he has enormous legs, and you have to wonder if he won't outgrow the position.  It's certainly possible that he could end up somewhere on the defensive line.  Or he could even end up as a fullback.  Jones reminds me a bit of former South Carolina star Melvin Ingram, who was a first round draft pick in April.
College:  LSU

10.  Jeryl Brazil ATH Loranger – Speed! Speed! Speed! Brazil has incredible speed which will always be his calling card.  He has posted some of the fastest high school sprint times in the nation recently, and his speed is in the Trindon Holliday and Skyler Green category.   But I do not believe that Brazil is just a track guy playing football.  He is put together very well at 5'10" 180 and his speed seems to translate well to the football field.  He plays a lot of offense in high school and when he gets to the corner or finds a seam, it's over with.  Originally slotted to play defensive back at LSU, it seems more and more likely that Brazil may end up on the offensive side of the ball.  He'd be deadly as an all purpose back / slot receiver who could motion around, take some end arounds, and catch some wide receiver screens.  At Nike's "the Opening" over the summer, Brazil turned in one of the top SPARQ scores at the event and put his speed to good use, catching some long touchdowns in 7-on-7 action.  He'll also be a canddiate to return kicks and punts and should be an instant impact guy on special teams.
College:  LSU

11.  Standish Dobard TE Karr – Dobard is a complete tight-end whose versatility makes him extremely valuable.  At 6'5" 240 pounds, Dobard will likely continue to grow and play at around 250 to 255 pounds in college.  He shows nice ability and physicality as an in-line blocker but can also flex out and become a weapon in the passing game.  He obviously presents a big target that can take advantage of some size mismatches.  But he also shows surprising speed and can create some separation against defenders.  He's fairly impressive after the catch too.  Dobard has offers from many schools, including LSU, Florida, Georgia, Miami and Auburn.
College:  Miami

12.  Tevin Lawson DT Denham SpringsLawson started his career on the offensive line but things really took off once he made the switch to defense.  At 6'4" 275 pounds, Lawson has a little room to grow into the defensive tackle position. He reminds me a bit of current Tiger Quentin Thomas as a prospect in that he has the tools but is still a bit raw since he is so new to the position.  While Lawson may never be the quick twitch, explosive type of lineman like a Drake Nevis or Glenn Dorsey, he can certianly be a very valuable player in the interior.  Lawson would probably a BCS level prospect had he stayed on the offensive line too. Video
College:  LSU

13.  Michael Patterson DE Winnfield – Patterson is another guy that can really rush the passer.  Patterson impressed everyone in attendance in the Superdome for the state championships last December.  Patterson played some outside linebacker as a junior but as he continues to grow, he'll move to defensive end full time.   Patterson doesn't have truly elite burst off the line of scrimmage, but it's still quite good.  What stands out is that he plays with outstanding technique and plays the run very well.   I have some concerns about his frame and whether he can grow into the size needed to play defensive end full time in the SEC.  In photos from the summer, Patterson looked a lot more like a linebacker than a defensive lineman.  He's still growing and has plenty of time to fill out and gain weight before LSU will need him on the field, but it's something to watch.
College:  LSU

14.  Noel Ellis CB Karr – Ellis lacks ideal height at just 5'9" or 5'10".  And he doesn't have great speed.  But the kid can flat out cover.  He makes a ton of big plays and is always a standout at camp events.   So while his lack of measurables are a concern, you easily forget about those things when Ellis makes play after play on the field.  Once at the college level, can he continue to overome his physical shortcomings?  That remains to be seen, but I can't put Ellis any lower than this on my list.  He is just too good of a football player at this stage of his career.
College:  Texas A&M

15.  Chuck Baker WR SalmenBaker is a legit 6'2" 185 pounds and is a very physical receiver.  He is not a burner and not the guy to create separation on go routes down the sideline.  But he can use his size and toughness to get open and catch the football.  Baker takes pride in his blocking, and his coach raves about his work ethic.  Guys like that tend to rise to the top eventually.  He'll always struggle to create separation running his routes, so a guy like Baker will have to be an absolute technician in order to get open.  But you have to love a guy who plays so physical and works so hard.  He reminds me of James Wright coming out of high school even though he has not come close to Wright's insane production out of Belle Chase.  
College:  LSU

16.  Darian Claiborne LB  Port Allen – Claiborne checks in at 6'1" 220 pounds and he moves incredibly well.  He plays both quarterback and linebacker in high school and looks great on both sides of the ball.  With the ball in his hand, he gobbles up real estate like an athlete that weighs 30 pounds less.  He projects pretty well to middle linebacker but is versatile enough to play on the outside as well.  Claiborne has racked up offers from schools such as Nebraska, Texas A&M, and Mississippi State.
College:  Texas A&M

17.  Raheem Falkins WR  Carver HS – Falkins is another big receiver at 6'3" 190 pounds.  Falkins shows decent shake for someone his size, but doesn't have blazing speed.  His overall athleticism is a slight notch above Baker, but he doesn't display the same level of toughness and physicality.  Also, he plays in a low classification which makes it tough to really gauge his talent.  Overall, I give Baker the slight edge among the big receivers but both have high ceilings, despite the lack of elite top end speed.
College:  Alabama

18.  Shelby Christy WR Dutchtown – I wasn't sure what to make of Christy as a prospect but since the last time I did these rankings, I've seen some pretty impressive junior film and have seen Christy turn in some very good camp performances.  There's really not much difference between the three "big WRs" in-state this year with the exception of Chuck Baker's physicality, which stands out.  Christy can certianly play in the SEC, and should be a nice red zone threat and outside receiver.  Interest for Christy was really starting to pick up before be chose Mississippi State in early August.
College:  Mississippi State

19.  Karl Malone Jr  OL Cedar Creek  – Malone possesses a lot of versatility, showing the ability to play anywhere along the offensive line.  He'll likely end up along the interior as a guard or even a center.  At 6'3" 285 pounds, Malone has very good strength for his size and he dominates his high school competition.  He has drawn the attention of some big time schools prior to selecting LSU.  He had a quiet summer, attending LSU's first camp in June but not fully participating due to a minor injury.  His versatility and ability to play multiple positions along the line give him the slight edge over Hoefield.
College:  LSU

20.  Ryan Hoefield  OL  Brother Martin – Even though he plays tackle in high school, Hoefield projects at center.  At just 6'3" 265, he'll have to gain a little bit more size before being ready to go at a place like Florida State but I suspect it won't be a problem for him to do so.  After some offers from smaller schools and interest from bigger ones, Florida State finally came through on an offer which Hoefield didn't take too long to accept.   He'll be a smart, tough, solid player for the Noles.
College:  Florida State

21.  Edward Williams LB Warren Easton – I try to follow recruiting pretty closely, but I had honestly not heard about Ed Williams until the day he committed to Texas A&M.  I finally saw some film, and I was really impressed.  He's listed at 6'2" 230 pounds and he plays very fast and very tough.  He blows up play after play on his highlights, and lines up all over the field, including at defensive line, showing off his versatility.  His skills probably don't translate well to coverage but could be a nice fit as an inside linebacker or even a designated pass rusher.   If LSU misses out on Kendell Beckwith, I wouldn't mind if they gave a long look to Williams.
College:  Texas A&M

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